Black Lives Matter

My heart is so heavy. I can’t even express my shame, anger and sadness. 500 years ago, these atrocities were set in motion by the Atlantic Slave Trade – 15 MILLION people were torn from their homes, families and cultures and condemned to a lifetime of hardship to feed European greed. In the ‘developed’ world, … Continue reading Black Lives Matter

~May 2019 Favourites~

Here is just a quick snapshot of my favourites books, music and more from last month! I know that this concept is fairly passé but let's just pretend I am fashionably late to the trend... Music I had a really wonderful time last month with music - there really is no better way to procrastinate … Continue reading ~May 2019 Favourites~

‘Five Feet Apart’ – just another example of Hollywood exploitation?

When I first heard that Hollywood was pumping out yet another teen romance movie centred around terminal illness (see: The Fault in Our Stars), I have to say I rolled my eyes. How much longer can this institution continue to glorify and exploit suffering under the guise of 'raising awareness' to make a profit? On … Continue reading ‘Five Feet Apart’ – just another example of Hollywood exploitation?